Highly Recommend Sidney Tregre

I am currently relocating to Galveston from Wimberley, Texas.  I used Sidney as my real estate agent.  She is an intelligent professional woman that works in the best interest of her clients.  She has a bright personality and a wonderful sense of humor. 

I had limited time to view houses.  When I hit town Sidney was waiting for me and she knocked it out of the park.  I see her as extremely capable of assessing her client’s needs. 

Not only did Sidney handle my housing needs, but she educated me about Galveston and made suggestions about how I might find my place in the community.  She told me about the community events, restaurants, etc.  I left Galveston much more relaxed about the big change I am making.  I truly appreciate her professionalism and her kindness.

For my real estate needs I will be calling  Sidney Tregre.

Paula M.


....I knew I made the correct choice

When I decided to sell my property in Galveston, I carefully researched the numerous real estate companies. When I reviewed the listings by Sidney Tregre, I was immediately convinced that she would best represent my interests. 

After meeting with Sidney, I knew that I had made the correct choice. During her first visit to my home, she carefully pointed out the changes that would make my property more appealing. I followed her suggestions and was amazed to see how much her ideas enhanced the appearance of my home.

Sidney was never rushed. She treated me as if I were her most important client. She took countless pictures of every room and concentrated on promoting the view from the windows. Her evaluation of the view as the most outstanding feature in our home was perfect. She advertised that feature in her literature and had instant interested buyers. 

My gratitude for Sidney's relentless efforts to sell my home is impossible to express. She represented my interests in every offer from potential buyers. Sidney never encouraged the reduction of the price for a quick sale. She made sure that I got my original listed price. 

If you are in the market for a real estate agent who will truly value your business and will devote her attention to your sale without regard to the size of her commission, select Sidney. I guarantee that you will never regret your choice.

When my sale was concluded and all papers signed, I was sure that Sidney must have hidden her wings, for she was truly my guardian angel throughout the entire sale of my home.

               Carolyn G.

...smart, experienced, and has a keen penchant for marketing.

We enjoyed working with Sidney from the get-go.  She always had our best interest in mind and gave good advice for selling our house.  She's smart, experienced, and has a keen penchant for marketing.  Because of her knowledge and diligence we were able to sell our house (which needed some work; it was an estate) at or above market value.  We highly recommend her.  

P & G Houston.

She knows the market

I'm an out of state property owner and was referred to Sidney by a neighbor across the street from the house I needed to sell.  Sidney has lived on Galveston island for years and has a vested interest in serving her community as such.  She knows her market like the back of her hand and made listing and selling a property from many states away as easy and painless as I believe it could possibly be.  She has also helped me with another property that I have on island just because she has become my trusted professional with regard to any aspect of real estate particularly pertaining to Galveston.  I would heartily recommend Sidney to anyone!

Realtor testimonials in Galveston

Realtor reviews in Galveston

Real estate agent

J. Wilkinson


Knowledge, research, relationships, and more.

Sidney Tregre is more than a real estate agent- she is an expert on how to get things done. She was the ONLY person I met that was willing and able to research and create a solution to a tricky real estate question for me.

When I wanted to buy and build on a piece of inexpensive, beautiful, but flood plane property, Sid started working with surveyors, engineers and city officials to research and develop a resolution that would allow me to complete my project. She used her vast resources- knowledge of the relevant codes, the permitting/variance process, local planning boards, her own real estate development experience, and even her relationships with the agency staff- to craft a clear and workable plan.

But the real advantage for me was that Sid was willing to get out and actually do the legwork necessary to truly assure that the information she had was correct. She personally researched the history of the property and even talked to neighbors and previous owners to gather information about what had been done, what could be done, and what the neighbors’ expectations were regarding the property.

Sidney was great at communicating the advantages, disadvantages, and risks associated with the project. With Sidney, I felt like my family was working for me: she always had my best interest at heart, and she worked much harder than I could have expected her to.

I highly recommend Sidney Tregre if you have a real estate problem that requires the work ethic of Erin Brockovich, or the diplomacy of Kissinger, or the creative and problem-solving skills of Frank Lloyd Wright. She rocks! 

J. Ray

Selling a house... finding a house

I am grateful to Sidney Tregre for all of her hard work in selling my house, and in finding my new home. She worked tirelessly researching home markets to bring me the best price possible.

Her knowledge of Galveston, and ability to really see what a property has versus what it needs to be a home was an invaluable asset. I am thankful for her patience, advice and her ability to handle any complication thrown my way. She is the best , and a true pleasure to work with.

Happy home Owner 

A. Harrison

Second home on a new city

“When my family decided to purchase a second home in Galveston – a new city for us, hundreds of miles from our home base of San Antonio – we knew we would need a very special realtor to help.

We would need one who was able, and willing, to take time introducing us to the city, sharing market insight, familiarizing us with the distinct neighborhoods, educating us to opportunities and issues that weren’t known to us as out-of-towners. We would need a realtor who was patient and flexible, one willing to work around our limited time in the city. We found all of that with Sidney Tregre, and so much more.

In Sidney, I really do feel like we found a friend. She counseled and advised us as a concerned friend would do. She advocated for us, looked out for our interests, like a protective friend would do. And when finally we found our perfect property, Sidney rolled up her sleeves and did everything in her power to secure it for terms that were as advantageous as possible to us. Even now, months after the purchase, I know I can rely on Sidney for….well….just about anything that I might need to make Galveston and our new house there feel like a home.” 

A. Koester

Finding what you are looking for

“I have worked with Sidney for many years. She is hardworking and loyal. She listens and works diligently to find exactly what you are looking for.” 

L. Diamond

Looking for business properties?

“I have been gifted with a lifelong friendship with Sidney Tregre. She and I were gifted with two amazing and beautiful daughters the same age. My husband and I ventured into owning our own business. Because Sid already owned her own business, her advice to Gary was immeasurable.

My experience with Sid has been that she made it real for us to own a building for our business and advised Gary through difficult tax repairs. Our business flourished with her advice. Ms. Tregre has honor, she will see you through and won’t bail.” 

Y. Newby

Selling a historic house

“I became a client of Sidney’s when she represented me in the sale of my home. This was not an ordinary home. It was a house on the local, state and national historic registers- a home with a unique market I had used the house as home and office for a number of years and it was one of my primary assets.
Sidney demonstrated an uncanny sense of timing, artistry in presentation, and solid business advice for pricing and negotiations. Sidney is attuned to the problems inherent (and solutions for) selling historic homes. She took the counselor role and made the process seamless and far less stressful than I anticipated. She also obtained for me a very nice price.
Because of our business relationship, I also became aware of how others perceive Sidney. Anyone who is successful in business will have rivals. When your rivals say you are tough, that is perhaps the highest compliment that they could pay you. That is what I heard about Sidney. I can recommend Sidney without reservation.” 

J. Riggs

Realtor testimonials in Galveston

Friendly, understanding and completely professional.

“I asked Ms. Tregre if she would please give some advice on selling my home “As Is”. Without expecting a dime from me, she reviewed the market and all my options and provided strategies with supporting documentation, showing me how those strategies would work for me. Ms. Tregre gave me solid advice on how to proceed with the sale.

She gave me complete and up-to-date information, enabling me to make the best decision according to my circumstances. Sidney Tregre was friendly, understanding, and completely professional. She had nothing to gain from helping me and still did so.

In a world of shamefully lacking customer service, Ms. Tregre surprised me by going above and beyond by committing to helping me answer my questions over the phone and through e-mail. Sidney Tregre’s reliability, knowledge, and professionalism is stellar. I would seek her advice again in a heartbeat. ”

S. Suarez

Exceptionally talented at finding key investment properties

“I’m not one of many words, nor would I have spent the time to write a reference for someone. Ms. Tregre has advised me on investments for nineteen years. She is a credit to her profession. Ms. Tregre is dedicated, knowledgeable, hard-working, and exceptionally talented at finding key investment properties both abroad and in her own back yard.

Sidney has not only become a mentor in investment properties, but also a very dear friend. I have the utmost trust and confidence in her advice. When she says purchase, I do, and I have yet to lose.

Thank you, Sidney, you are the best. 

Cpl L. Roedl, U.S. Army

Her driven personality, willingness to listen, attention to detail was very impressive

“What can I say about Sidney Tregre, a Texas licensed real estate professional? Her serious commitment to her clients, her attention to detail, her knack of making you feel you are the only client she has, her knowledge of the Texas real estate market, laws, rules, regulations, and policies. I could go on and on with accolades about Sidney’s commitment and dedication to her profession.

I owned a property in Galveston Texas, and it was time to sell. As an out of state owner, I started my search for a Galveston real estate professional to sell the property. Then one lucky day I met Sidney! Her driven personality, willingness to listen, attention to detail was very impressive.

Sidney does everything and more that she says she will. Instead of just putting the property details on the MLS, she printed flyers, put up a banner, made herself available at any hour to show the property, even very late on a Sunday evening. Who does that……..Sidney does!

To sum it up, if you pick anyone other than Sidney……..you are not going to get the outstanding results, you deserve to have, when you are entrusting your property to a real estate professional. Sidney is the only person I would ever go to for my Texas real estate transactions!!!!!

Thanks Sidney, you were always in my corner!”

Irene W.

She went above and beyond my expectations of a realtor. I have found my first friend in Galveston

“My family and I used a wonderful realtor for many years that was knowledgeable and had expertise in northwest Houston, the area in which we resided.

I wanted the same type of realtor in Galveston and am very fortunate that I found Sidney at one of her open houses. She was very friendly and “wanted to be my realtor.”

It had been many years since I had purchased a home and Sidney helped me every step of the way, in every way imaginable. She went above and beyond my expectations of a realtor. I have found my first friend in Galveston.
Thanks Sidney!”

Lauren B.